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About Us

The Define Bottle was found by me, Carter, a 13 year old entrepreneur. After watching “super size me”, I began to research the negative health effects of soda and juice. Diabetes and obesity sounded like terrible diseases and I desired to do something about it. So, I saw the need to make a sustainable, portable version of these pitchers for people on the go. The only other option for health conscious people is for them to buy plain water or plastic bottles of artificially flavored and sweetened water beverages. My mother is a huge fan of fruit infused water but would grab a diet coke or a non-reusable water bottle when she left the house. That was my "aha" moment when I said we need to figure out a way to make this concept portable and stylish.


We believe we can take better control of our health by giving our bodies something that is natural, healthy, and refreshing to drink;at the same time protecting our planet. Let's start to reverse the type 2 diabetes and obesity epidemic by getting back to the basics. Connect with us to help change the way we hydrate. Fresh fruit infused water is pure and simple.


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