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  • 4 Tips For Staying Hydrated At Work

    Where do you spend most of your time? If you’re like most Americans, the unfortunate but honest answer to that question is probably “work.”

    According to a 2015 article by CNN, “Americans work an average of 34.4 hours a week, longer than their counterparts in the world's largest economies.” If you count the time you spend working from home, answering emails on your phone, and just generally worrying about work when you’re not there, it’s probably much more.

    Healthy habits that are relatively easy to stick with while at home, but tend to be trickier to manage when we’re at work. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, staying properly hydrated is one of the best things you can do to support overall wellness. In fact, dehydration directly affects your work performance, as it can lead to fatigue and lack of focus.

    As makers of top quality water bottles with fruit infusers, Define Bottle is highly invested in helping everyone stay hydrated and healthy. So here are some of our best tips for staying hydrated when you’re at work.

    1. Eat Foods That Have High Water Content

    One thing that you can do to stay hydrated at work actually has nothing to do with drinking more water at all; simply snacking on fruits and veggies that are high in water content can help to boost your overall hydration. According to Nutrisavings, celery sticks, baby tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, grapefruits, carrots, strawberries, and cauliflower can help get more water into your diet!

    2. Ask For A Straw

    Another surprising way to encourage yourself to stay hydrated during the day is to use a straw, or ask for a straw when you go to lunch at your favorite restaurant. As reports, “drinking from a straw can help you drink more in the long run. You’ll sip and sip, not realizing how much you’ve actually had. Sure, you could probably drink just as much by chugging, but sipping from a straw takes less effort so you’re more inclined to do it.”

    3. Avoid Salty Snacks

    If you’re determined to snack on more foods that have a high water content, just make sure that you don’t undo all that effort by eating high sodium foods the rest of the time. Salt has a dehydrating effect on the body, and if you make it a habit to eat potato chips, pretzels, salted peanuts or other salty foods you could still end up feeling the negative effects of dehydration. If you just can’t say no to these salty snacks, remember it means you’ll have to drink even MORE water to make up for them!

    4. Get A Water Bottle With A Fruit Infuser

    One of the easiest ways to get excited about staying hydrated at work is to get your very own water bottle with a fruit infuser! Define Bottles make it easy and convenient to drink more water because they allow you to flavor it with delicious fruits and vegetables. The combinations are endless and we bet you’ll be surprised how many times you refill it throughout the day!

    Delicious tasting water could be all you need to make a change. Shop for your very own Define Bottle now!
  • The Define Bottle: A Perfect Teacher Gift

    As we head into summer, kids around the country are getting excited for for the warm weather and time away from the classroom. School is coming to a close and as excited kids head to the pool, teachers are even more excited for three months to themselves. But after spending most of the year teaching young minds, it’s important to find a way to say ‘thank you’ to teachers who have devoted their time in the classroom to caring for your children. A apple for a teacher’s desk just doesn’t seem like an appropriate gift, but a water bottle with fruit infuser that can turn those apple slices into a hydrating beverage just might be the perfect gift to show thanks.


    Perfect for the Classroom

    The Define bottle is the perfect addition to any teacher’s daily routine. It’s durable, yet easy to drink from on those hot days in the classroom. Many teachers spend a lot of time on their feet and need to remain hydrated. The Define bottle is perfect for that.

    Promote Healthy Habits

    Along with being perfect for use in the classroom, this water bottle with fruit infuser promotes healthy habits and lifestyle changes that can benefit anyone. Between the increase in healthy hydration and easy access to fruits, you can’t go wrong with this water bottle.


    Year Round Enjoyment

    This gift is perfect not only for the summer months, but wonderful year round. You can chill the water bottle with fruit infuser for the summer or steep hot water with lemon and even tea for the winter months. It will be a constant reminder on any teacher’s desk of a student who gifted it to them.

    As the school year comes to a close, take the time to show your teacher a little appreciation with this perfect water bottle with fruit infuser gift.
  • Even More Reasons to Stay Hydrated with Define

    Here at Define, we love talking about hydration. In fact, we’re crazy about it. We want to help keep individuals hydrated, refreshed, and in the healthiest possible way. Our water bottles with fruit infuser encourage individuals to drink more water overall, and without all the sugars you’ll find in soda. Naturally-flavored water, and lots of it, can provide these additional benefits for your body.

    Oral Health

    Not only is water great for your skin and digestion, as we talked about in a previous post, but consuming water is excellent for oral health. By consuming water, you are eliminating many sugars that cause tooth decay from your diet. Additionally, tap water has fluoride in it that has been shown to be a safe and effective way to protect your teeth from cavities. If you live in a place where the tap water tastes great or even if you use a filtered pitcher, fill up your water bottles with fruit infuser and keep hydrating!

    Energy Levels

    Many different components affect a person’s energy levels, but hydration is definitely a major factor. Being properly hydrated can not only improve overall energy levels and mood, but also can improve brain function. By remaining hydrated, you’re going to feel less brain fog and give your body the fuel it needs to function.

    Body Temperature

    Making sure you get plenty of water helps your body to regulate its internal temperature. When a human exercises, the body regulates its temperature through processes such as sweating. When you sweat, your body loses water and has to be rehydrated or you risk heat-related illnesses. Grabbing some water bottles with fruit infusers make you want to keep drinking water all day long!

  • Creative Summer Ideas for Your Define Water Bottle

    With summer just around the corner, it’s time to be thinking about how to stay hydrated with cool, refreshing beverages. The abundance of fresh produce can be an inspiring when it comes to cooking, but why not let it inspire your fruit infuser water bottle choices as well?

    Summer is a great time to get creative and show off the wide variety of uses that a Define bottle can provide.


    Berry Ice Cubes

    If you like your water extra cold, you can always grab some ice cubes from the freezer and just run with it. However, consider this fun take on your ice cubes for your fruit infuser water bottle. With all the fresh berries, mix them with water and freeze them as ice cubes. As the ice cubes melt in your Define bottle, you will have a longer release time on the fruit and nice chilly, refreshing water.


    Fresh Herbs

    As you plant your herb garden this year consider picking herbs that would make using your Define bottle incredibly easy. A whole pot of mint is a great starting point for those days where you’re running short on time. Just grab some fresh mint off the plant to throw into your Define bottle, fill it with water, and go! Also, consider planting any type of basil, fennel, chamomile, or rosemary for that little extra flavor to carry you through the day.


    Edible Flowers

    If you’re looking for something completely different that looks amazing, pick up some edible flowers to use in your fruit infuser water bottle. Mix in the edible flowers with some herbs or fruit to impress anyone who sees your Define bottle. Try Pansies, Calendula, Snapdragons, or Orchids.

    There is no reason not to try these fun summer additives with your Define bottle; get yours now!

  • Reasons To Buy Fruit Infuser Bottles For Your Kids And Grandkids

    When you’re juggling a job, a house, and multiple kids, keeping them properly hydrated is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Some days it probably feels like it’s all you can do to make sure they’re fed and fully clothed before it’s time to dash out the door for school. Soft drinks like soda, iced tea, lemonade, and Sunny D (yes, any sweetened drink is considered a soft drink!) are conveniently bottled making them really easy to toss in a lunchbox or backpack. Unfortunately, these kinds of drinks are one of the main causes of childhood obesity, a health epidemic that’s currently sweeping America. Here are just a few reasons why buying fruit infuser bottles for your kids is one of the best health decisions you can make for your family.

    Delicious Hydration

    More than half of children and teenagers in the United States might not be properly hydrated, according to a nationwide study from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. In fact, 54.5% of the students in the study had urine concentrations that qualified them as below their minimum daily water intake, reported CNN. For most kids, plain water isn’t very attractive, but water with delicious fruit in it? Now you’re talking.

    Better After-School Performance

    One result of making sure children have a water bottle with fruit in it is that they’ll begin to reap the health benefits of adequate hydration. Some of these benefits include improved cardiovascular health, and stronger muscles and joints. These are all things that can help your child perform better in after-school sports like football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, and volleyball.

    Nips Sugar Addiction In The Bud

    The biggest reason to start your kids on fruit infused water bottles as soon as possible is that they’ll be saved the pain of sugar addiction. When you’re raised on soft drinks, they become a habit that’s very difficult to break as an adult.

    Check out our full line of fruit infuser bottles to find one your kids will love!

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