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  • 5 Fruit Flavored Water Combinations To Help You Quit Soda Forever!

    Sit down at a restaurant, any restaurant, and ask the server what your beverages options are. No matter where you are in America, you’re likely to be presented with a list of five to seven options all of which will be soft drinks. Yes, even the lemonade and sweetened iced tea that they throw in at the end. It’s no wonder than that so many people in this country struggle with soft drink addiction. If you feel like you can’t live without these sugary drinks, we’re here to tell you that quitting is possible, and fruit flavored water can make it easier.

    Before we explore some of the delicious ways fruit infused water can help you kick the soda habit, let’s clarify why exactly it’s necessary to limit their consumption. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, “People who consume sugary drinks regularly—1 to 2 cans a day or more—have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who rarely have such drinks.” Additionally, “A study that followed 40,000 men for two decades found that those who averaged one can of a sugary beverage per day had a 20% higher risk of having a heart attack or dying from a heart attack than men who rarely consumed sugary drinks. A related study in women found a similar sugary beverage–heart disease link.” Scared yet? Good. Now let’s talk about some ways to flavor water that can help you kick soft drinks to the curb!

    Strawberry, Lemon, & Basil

    Add four sliced up strawberries, two lemon slices, and a few fresh basil leaves to your Define bottle for a hydrating beverage that’s got just the right amount of sweet and sour.

    Watermelon & Mint

    When watermelons come into season during the summer, be sure to remember this recipe! A couple of watermelon chunks with a few sprigs of fresh mint will sooth your sweet tooth without dehydrating you.

    Kiwi & Cucumber

    There’s a reason that spas and salons put cucumbers in their water. They have cancer-fighting properties and contain silica which is good for skin and hair. Added into your water with a few chunks of the kiwifruit is a delicious treat!

    Cantaloupe With Honey & Mint

    This is another one for people who fear sugar cravings that can result from reduced or eliminated soda consumption. Cantaloupe, when ripe, are naturally very sweet, and with a touch of honey plus the refreshing nature of mint it is a recipe for greatness!

    Honey Dew With Coconut Water

    Really want to double up on the nutritional benefits of water with fruit in it? Instead of using plain tap water or purified spring water, try coconut water! Mix in a few chunks of honeydew melon for a tropical treat that makes you feel like you’re at the beach.

    Hopefully this post has helped you to see that soft drinks not only fail to quench your thirst, they also put you at risk for a whole host of dangerous health conditions. With the help of the Define Bottle, however, you can make affordable fruit flavored water that tastes just as good!
  • Flavored Water For A Better Workout

    Everyone knows that working out is an excellent way to stay healthy. However, getting in enough exercise every week can sometimes be a challenge. Trying to find time to get the gym between work, running errands, and the seemingly endless job of taxing your children from one after school activity to another often means heading to the gym before the sun is even up. This often leads to people attempting to jump start their day with coffee, or even worse, a sugary energy drink. Unfortunately, both of these options are actually very bad decisions, especially if you are heading to your morning workout. Coffee, while it has a significant quantity of caffeine, will quickly dehydrate you. On the other hand, energy drinks contain so much excess calories and processed sugar that you will have to head back to the gym after your workout just to burn the calories. The best choice for working out, then, is clearly fruit flavored water.

    With a Define Bottle, you can easily take fruit flavored water on the go with you anywhere, and that definitely should include the gym! Instead of burdening your body with more calories to burn or sapping your strength by being dehydrated from soft drinks, simply add your favorite fruits to a Define Bottle and start enjoying fruit infused water. Not only will you have a delicious tasting beverage, you will be helping your workout be more productive. As we previously discussed in another blog, drinking fruit flavored water can also help you lose weight and stay in shape. Order a Define Bottle today, and start having better workouts powered by fruit flavored water!
  • Micronutrients: 4 Elusive Minerals

    We’ve previously talked about vitamins that are essential to get your body in peak performance that can easily be incorporated into your water bottle fruit infuser.  But micronutrients are more than just vitamins.  Micronutrients also encompass a variety of minerals that the body needs in small amounts to function.  These four minerals can be found in fruits that can easily be incorporated into your Define water bottle.  Take a look.


    When you hear calcium you should probably think bones.  Calcium is a main component in the development, growth, and strength of bones and teeth.  Furthermore, the movement of calcium into and from cells can signal many different cellular functions.  It’s so important for children and older women to get high levels of calcium in their diets to maintain proper skeletal function.  Toss some limes into your Define bottle for added calcium.  Or if you want to mix things up try some rhubarb or kumquats.


    Iron can be difficult for many women to get enough of in their diets.  It’s essential in the creation of red blood cells and the function of hemoglobin which transports oxygen throughout the body.  While eating a salad with leafy greens or even a nice steak will help increase your iron intake, so will throwing some peaches, berries, or coconut into your Define water bottle.   


    Muscles function on a sodium and potassium pump system that tells your muscles how to move based on the fluctuations in the levels in the tissues.  That’s why when you are low on potassium you can easily get muscle cramps.  If you enjoy working out toss some bananas or some persimmons in with your water and with Define you’re set for the gym.  


    While vitamin C can help boost your immune system, zinc is essential in white blood cell and antibody function.  This non-water soluble  so it is possible to get too much with a supplement.  Adding apricots, berries, and grapes into your Define water bottle will help increase your zinc intake at a safe pace.

  • Lose Weight By Drinking Fruit Flavored Water

    Losing weight is a difficult task for anyone, especially if your day to day life is even slightly busy. Between work, running errands, and parental responsibilities such as taking Junior to soccer practice, it can be difficult to find the time just to eat healthy, much less to schedule the necessary hours to exercise. All too often, many people create extra time in their day by overlooking the value of good nutritional habits and substituting well rounded meals for fast food and a soda. However, with the Define Water Bottle, you can actually make it much easier to lose weight by doing something extremely easy: drink more water.

    While consuming liquids is crucial to keep our bodies hydrated, many people in the modern world get the bare minimum of their daily fluids by consuming water. It is all too easy to grab an energy drink at the convenience store in between errands, and while sugary soft drinks can provide an initial boost of energy, the excess calories and inevitable sugar crash are certainly not worth the price of admission. Instead, you could be consuming calorie-free fruit flavored water with your Define Water Bottle. Drinking water infused with fruit will provide you with plenty of delicious options that you create yourself, so you know there will be no added sugars will be present in your beverage. By replacing unnecessary calories with fruit flavored water, you will not only stay hydrated but also feel more full throughout the day, giving you the strength you need to power through any day of the week. Order a Define bottle today, and start losing weight by drinking fruit flavored water!
  • 4 Vitamins Your Body Can’t Do Without

    No one will argue the benefits of being hydrated.  Though it can be hard to get the recommended amount of ounces of water per day, utilizing the define water bottle with fruit infuser can help increase your interest in drinking water.  The added fruit (or vegetables and herbs) can not only help your water taste great and refreshing but can also add essential micronutrients to your diet.  Many people can have micronutrient deficiency from not eating enough fruits and vegetables over the course of the day.  Define bottles with a fruit infuser can help make getting your micronutrients as easy as getting your water.  Taking a multivitamin can’t really hurt you but getting nutrients naturally through fresh food sources help make the nutrients bioavailable for your system to use.  Here are just some of the micronutrients essential for health that the define water bottle with fruit infuser helps you to consume through healthy sources in your water and why they’re so important.

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential in organ development, cell growth, and vision. Deficiencies in Vitamin A is a major cause of blindness in many underdeveloped countries around the world.   A fat-soluble vitamin is one in which fats break it down and store it.  The human body tends to need fewer fat-soluble vitamins than water soluble because the body is able to store fat-soluble ones.  Apricots, cantaloupe, and mangoes all provide high levels of vitamin a in fruit infused water.   

    B Vitamins

    There are nine different types of vitamin B that are essential of body function.  All types of vitamin B are water-soluble.  This means that the body does not store extra supplies of these vitamins in the body.  The only way to get them is from the consumption of foods with B vitamins present in them.  The body will use what it needs and release the rest through the excretory system.  Vitamin B6 is essential in the body’s metabolic function while B12 is critical for the nervous system and memory.  B7 is also known as biotin and is a building block for our hair and nails.  Bananas, kiwi, and grapefruit are all excellent choices if you’re looking to boost your energy levels with extra B vitamins.   

    Vitamin C

    You can’t talk about citrus without talking about vitamin C.  Like B vitamins, vitamin C is also water soluble.  Many animals are able to make ascorbic acid, the usable form of vitamin C on their, where as humans must obtain it from their diet.  It’s essential in cardiovascular health as well as for the immune system.  Feel a cold coming on?  Crank up the vitamin C intake.  Toss some guava, strawberries, blackberries, or citrus into your Define bottle to increase the vitamin C in your diet.   

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E comes in eight different forms but only one form can be absorbed by the human body.  This type of vitamin E helps to reduce free radicals in the body and improves the immune system.  Some people even use vitamin E oils as a skin moisturizer.  To get some good vitamin E in your diet add kiwi, peaches, or blackberries into your Define bottle.

    Adding fruits and vegetables into your water to enjoy delicious infused water is great.  But also consider finishing off some of those fruits and veggies when you water is done as a refreshing afternoon snack.

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