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  • Bring Your Define Bottle To Your Memorial Day Picnic

    Memorial Day, which was established shortly after the end of the Civil War to honor fallen soldiers and originally known as Decoration Day, is an important federal holiday in the United States. While Memorial Day is primarily a day of remembrance, the holiday is also an important time for families to gather together. With most working Americans afforded a three day weekend, Memorial Day is currently a popular time for family reunions, including barbeques and picnics. At Define Bottle, we want to make sure you have an excellent holiday that honors the American soldiers who have protected our country as well as a successful family picnic. Check out these tips we have for celebrating Memorial Day this year.

    Pack A Large Blanket. Whether you are celebrating Memorial Day in the local park, at the beach, or at the pool, a large blanket gives you and your family a place to sit and stash belongings. This is especially helpful for community events where seating space is limited.

    Bring Food To Share. A holiday picnic without food isn’t a holiday picnic at all. Potlucks and barbeques are popular events for Memorial Day, so break out your best recipes and bring enough to share. Not only will you get to show off your finest dishes, there’s a good chance you’ll be digging into deliciousness from others as well.

    Stock Your Cooler. The Memorial Day holiday is observed on the last Monday in the month of May which means summer is right around the corner. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout your family’s Memorial Day celebration by stocking your cooler with plenty of beverages. And don’t forget to fill your Define Bottle for a refreshing fruit flavored beverage.

    From all of us here at Define Bottle, we hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend with your family and community.
  • Perfect For Summer Camps

    With summer in full swing, kids across the United States are heading off to camp. Summer camp is certainly an amazing opportunity for children to make new friends, learn new skills, and expand their interests into new hobbies. However, summer camp is also a time many children leave their parents behind for an extended period for the first time, and this can be difficult for them for many reasons. Not only do they no longer have their parents watchful gaze helping them succeed, they also are forced to make choices in front of their peers. While many children are familiar with making beverage choices in the cafeteria at lunch, most schools no longer allow sugary soft drinks. Summer camps, though, are not always held to the same standards as schools, and this means sugary drinks are likely to be abundant.

    Infused Water Bottles For Camp

    One way to help your child make better choices during their summer camp adventure is to send them off with a Define Bottle. Not only will the infused water bottles provide them with a delicious beverage alternative to soft drinks, it will also stand as a reminder of you during their time at camp. Define bottles are also incredibly easy to use and clean, even for a child. In fact, the entire concept of the Define Bottle was created by 14 year-old Carter Kostler which means every teenager is capable of using and cleaning a Define water bottle. Order your child a Define Bottle today just in time for summer camp!
  • Do Your Part To End Bottled Water

    Water is the most precious resource we have on planet Earth because it is the basis for life, yet the amount of clean drinking water available is quickly diminishing due to pollution and the evolving climate that is leaving some places, like California, suffering from seemingly unending droughts. However, even if you do not live in a place that is experiencing a drought, you could be contributing to the difficulties the local residents are encountering if you drink bottled water.

    Water Bottles Over Bottled Water

    While the water use of Californians has been under restrictions ordered by the governor, major companies such as Nestle are still bottling water in the state. However, California is not the only place in the world facing this problem. In fact, just about any place that has a bottled water plant is shipping their water bottles elsewhere, removing a valuable resource from their local residents. Although this may not seem like a giant problem in the United States, it is extremely disconcerting to see this practice happen in countries with limited resources and limited access to clean water.

    Define Water Bottles Can Save Money and the Environment

    Packaged bottle water is simply a bad idea all around. Not only does it create an immense amount of trash, it also removes clean water from areas that need it. While the fruit infused water bottles Carter envisioned at age 14 were intended to combat obesity, Define Bottles can also help save the planet. Instead of purchasing bottled water, simply fill up a Define Bottle with water from your faucet. Not only will it preserve natural resources in areas that desperately need them, ordering a Define Bottle is more affordable than buying case after case of expensive bottled water.
  • Define Bottle Is Your New Best Friend At Work

    Modern workplaces are filled with great amenities that can help you focus on your health. From ergonomic work stations and standing desks to workplace gyms and fitness classes, these days heading into the office is a lot healthier than in the past when most office workers sat in a desk inhaling secondhand smoke all day. However, one area many people have yet to consistently change for the healthier is their work day beverage.

    In the morning there’s office coffee and creamer from the fridge in the break room. At lunch there’s the soda that comes with the value meal and free refills before heading back. In the afternoon it’s an energy drink from the bag. After work it’s the post workout sports drink. All day long, the workplace provides plenty of opportunities to make healthier beverage choices, and that’s where the Define Bottle can be your new best friend at work as replacing just two of those sugar-filled beverages with fruit-infused water would cut your workday sugar intake in half.

    With the Define water bottle with fruit infuser, you can have a great tasting, flavor filled beverage with you all day long. Not only will you be drinking something delicious, it will also greatly reduce your sugar intake which will also help you avoid the afternoon sugar crash. The Define water bottle is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to bring on the go. It is the perfect workday companion. If you’re looking to improve your workday while cutting back on sugary beverages, order a Define bottle today!
  • Ward Off The 5 Signs Of Dehydration With Define Infused Water Bottles

    The best way to stay hydrated without even having to think about it is to make best friends with one of our infused water bottles. That way, any time you feel thirsty, you can just take a big sip of delicious, fruit-flavored water, and be instantly refreshed.

    Did you know that feeling thirsty isn’t the only way that your body tells you it desperately needs water? In fact, many health experts agree that by the time you actually noticed that parched feeling on your tongue and lips, you’ve probably been dehydrated for quite some time.

    So what are these early and mysterious of dehydration?

    Stinky Breath

    Without proper hydration, it’s hard for your body to produce adequate amounts of saliva. Without saliva, bacteria can have a big party in your mouth, and when that happens, halitosis isn’t far behind.

    Dried-Out Skin

    Are you constantly rubbing your hands, arms, legs, face, and neck with lotion? Does it feel like you can never apply enough chapstick to keep your lips moist? Dry skin is a big red flag that you’re not drinking enough water.

    Cramping Muscles

    Athletes know this all too well: poorly hydrated muscles simply can’t perform at a high level. If you participate in strenuous exercise without drinking enough water, you’re probably going to suffer from painful cramps.

    Sugar Cravings

    Are you constantly thinking about when you’ll be able to eat something sweet? Do you find it impossible to ignore the donuts at work on Friday morning? This can be a sign that your organs aren’t functioning properly due to lack of hydration. Instead of reaching for sugar, add some fruit to your infused water bottle!

    Persistent Headaches

    Headaches are one telltale sign that your body isn’t getting enough water. “The brain sits inside a fluid sack that keeps it from bumping against the skull,” said Dr. John Higgins, associate professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Texas in Houston, and chief of cardiology at Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital, told If that fluid sack is depleted or running low because of dehydration, the brain can push up against parts of the skull, causing headaches.”

    Don’t wait until you feel how thirsty you are, stay hydrated all day long with one of our outstanding Define bottles!

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