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  • 3 Tips for Using a Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser with Picky Eaters

    In previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of keeping your kids and grandkids hydrated.  Giving children healthy, fun options to reach for over sugary sodas help to keep their energy levels and mood even all day long.  A water bottle with fruit infuser can provide sustained benefits for children on a daily basis and as they grow.  But sometimes it can be really tricky to get kids trying new fruits and vegetables.  

    Studies have shown time and again that it takes multiple exposures to a new food for them to accept it or like it.  This can mean anywhere from five tries to fifteen depending on the food and child.  This can be true for new infused water flavors as well.  Giving a young child cucumber flavored water may prove difficult the first few times.  But there is the possibility that as they are exposed to it, try it, and see other consuming this new flavor they will come to love it. Think about these tips as you expose your child to their new water bottle with fruit infuser.     

    Mix It Up

    Along with trying new recipes in your child’s water bottle with fruit infuser, try to pick flavors that you know they love.  If your child loves strawberries, chop them up and throw them in.  Is lemon new to them?  Maybe add one lemon slice with those strawberries for them to try something new with something they love.

    Create a Routine

    Routines are important as you raise your children.  Consistently allowing them to reach for their water bottle with fruit infuser during the day over a glass of milk or juice will help create a routine that keeps meal time appetites consistent.

    Make It Fun

    Let your kids help out when planning and prepping the family’s water bottles with fruit infusers.  If your child is little, let them help direct and load up the chopped fruits and veggies into the bottle.  As they get older, they can be more involved with the process.  

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