Define Bottles: Seasonal Recipes for Your Infuser Water Bottle
  • Delicious Seasonal Infuser Combinations for your Define Bottle

    One of the best things about Define bottles is that the sky truly is the limit in terms of what flavor combinations you can use in this unique water bottle with fruit infuser.  In fact, as we’ve mentioned previously, fruit isn’t the only beneficial and tasty ingredients that can be infused in water.  One way to structure your use of your Define bottle is to create recipes based on fruits and vegetables that are in season.  

    Choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables is an excellent eating habit to get into.  When you choose produce that is naturally in season, you’ll be paying less money for the products and receiving produce with much better flavor.  When produce is not in season this means it can be grown in hot houses or shipped long distances to reach the consumers.  This results in higher transportation costs and higher costs due to a lower supply.  The long distance transportation also results in reduced flavor.  Produce is harvested early and then refrigerated resulting in it not reaching its full natural flavor.  By choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables for your infused water, you’ll make your recipes more affordable and with greater flavor.

    The preparation of your seasonal produce is also key in getting the right balance of flavors in your infused water.  For soft produce, cut the produce into chunks.  You want to expose the flesh to the water but due to their soft nature, they infuse easily.  This includes citrus.  Harder produce should be sliced thinly to get the full flavor effect.  When working with fibrous herbs and vegetables, try crushing them with a muddler in order to help release the flavor.  Also, make sure to wash your produce before placing it into your water bottle with a fruit infuser.             

    Try out these delicious seasonal recipes with your new Define bottle with fruit infuser to get variety with your water consumption.  Enjoy!

    Spring- March, April, May

    1. Strawberries, lemon, and mint can provide a refreshing burst in the spring.  Strawberries are just coming into season in many places in March and taste divine after a long winter.
    2. Lemon, radishes, and cayenne add some zing to your water.  If you like things spicy then just a pinch of cayenne is a great addition to your infused water.  

    Summer- June, July, August

    1. Cucumber and mint are perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day.  Try adding one quarter to one half a cucumber to your 16 ounce bottle.
    2. Berry, peach, and coconut is the perfect summer combination.  Berries are strictly summer fruits so enjoy them when you can.  Coconut water can be the perfect addition for any infused water beverage.

    Fall- September, October, November

    1. Pear and fennel tastes great in the fall.  Herbs are available all year round to be added with seasonal fruits and vegetables.  
    2. Small purple onions, tomatoes, celery, carrots, lime, and basil make the perfect flavored Bloody Mary infused water recipe.  If you’re looking for savory flavors, this is the way to go.

    Winter- December, January, February

    1. Lime, ginger root, and basil can help fight off the winter flu.  Lime has excellent amounts of vitamin C and most citrus can be found year round.
    2. Grapefruit or orange with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves provides an aromatic and festive flavor during the cold winter months.

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