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  • Micronutrients: 4 Elusive Minerals

    We’ve previously talked about vitamins that are essential to get your body in peak performance that can easily be incorporated into your water bottle fruit infuser.  But micronutrients are more than just vitamins.  Micronutrients also encompass a variety of minerals that the body needs in small amounts to function.  These four minerals can be found in fruits that can easily be incorporated into your Define water bottle.  Take a look.


    When you hear calcium you should probably think bones.  Calcium is a main component in the development, growth, and strength of bones and teeth.  Furthermore, the movement of calcium into and from cells can signal many different cellular functions.  It’s so important for children and older women to get high levels of calcium in their diets to maintain proper skeletal function.  Toss some limes into your Define bottle for added calcium.  Or if you want to mix things up try some rhubarb or kumquats.


    Iron can be difficult for many women to get enough of in their diets.  It’s essential in the creation of red blood cells and the function of hemoglobin which transports oxygen throughout the body.  While eating a salad with leafy greens or even a nice steak will help increase your iron intake, so will throwing some peaches, berries, or coconut into your Define water bottle.   


    Muscles function on a sodium and potassium pump system that tells your muscles how to move based on the fluctuations in the levels in the tissues.  That’s why when you are low on potassium you can easily get muscle cramps.  If you enjoy working out toss some bananas or some persimmons in with your water and with Define you’re set for the gym.  


    While vitamin C can help boost your immune system, zinc is essential in white blood cell and antibody function.  This non-water soluble  so it is possible to get too much with a supplement.  Adding apricots, berries, and grapes into your Define water bottle will help increase your zinc intake at a safe pace.

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