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  • Why Soft Drinks Aren’t Really "Thirst-Quenching" Or "Refreshing" At All

    We hear it in every commercial and read it in every print ad designed to make us buy more soft drinks: “ice cold!” “refreshing!” “quenches your thirst!” These slogans make us excited to take a big gulp of the first soft drink we can get our hands on, especially if the weather is hot and we’re feeling thirsty. The only problem is that they’re not exactly true. No, scratch that. They’re flat out lies. We’re not just saying that because we make a water bottle fruit infuser. The truth is that just because it’s a liquid doesn’t make it thirst-quenching. In fact, many of these soft drinks are so packed with artificial sweeteners and preservatives that they actually make us feel more thirst over time!

    So we reach for another soda and...the vicious cycle continues month after month. In order to feel true, thirst-quenching refreshment, you have to drink water, but that water doesn’t have to be tasteless or boring. In fact, with our fruit infused water bottles, you can create a flavorful, energy-boosting beverage for a fraction of the cost of a soft-drink. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let’s look closer at these thirst-quenching claims made by big soda companies.

    According to the Globe and Mail, “The term ‘soft drink’ refers to any beverage with added sugar or other sweetener and includes pop, fruit punch, lemonade, sweetened iced tea, sweetened powdered drinks such as Kool-Aid and sports and energy drinks.” When you consume these ultra-sweet beverages, it causes your blood sugar levels to skyrocket. When repeated day after day, this can lead to a condition called osmotic diuresis in which sugar leaves the body via the kidneys, carrying desperately needed water with it into the urine.

    If you truly want to quench your thirst and hydrate your body so that it can maintain proper weight, energy, and immune function, reach for our handy water bottle fruit infusers instead of those dangerous soft drinks.

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