Fruit Flavored Water: Choose Water For Your Kids – Define Bottle
  • Kids Should Choose Fruit Flavored Water

    Did you know that kids and teenagers who drink sodas and sugary drinks on a regular basis are more likely to suffer from obesity? Our Define Bottles help you easily make fruit flavored water with fresh fruit so that your children find it easier to drink water. If your children don't drink enough water because they find water boring or don't like the taste, you can easily infuse fruit flavors into the water with our easy to use Define Bottles - plus they're completely portable and come in a variety of colors you and your kids will love.

    It's true: drinking water is the absolute best way to quench that thirst. Plus, it doesn't come with all of the added sugar, caffeine, and energy found in soda, sports drinks, fruit juice drinks, and flavored mineral waters. It's also been shown that drinking water instead of sugary drinks helps to prevent dental issues, while the fluoride you find in your tap water can help strengthen bones and teeth.

    In addition to our Define Bottle, we've got a few more tips to help you and your kids drink more water on a daily basis.

    • Pack a reusable water bottle with you whenever you go out
    • Pack a frozen bottle of water in your kid's lunch box in the summer
    • Don't buy or keep sweetened drinks at your house; keep a pitcher of cold water and cold fruit infused water available instead
    • When your kids are playing sports or you're being active as a family, encourage everyone to drink water instead of sports drinks.

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