Fruit Flavored Water: Even More FAQs – Define Bottle
  • More Commonly Asked Questions About Fruit Flavored Water

    We're back again with more frequently asked questions concerning fruit flavored water. While you can absolutely make your fruit infused water in your own containers, the Define Bottle makes it easier than ever to take your fruit flavored water with you anywhere you go and our bottles come in several different sizes and colors to fit any lifestyle.

    • Should I use cold water or hot water to infuse my water? While some people suggest pouring boiling water over your fruit to get the fastest results, it's actually better to use cold water or room temperature water. You risk destroying fragile vitamins and enzymes in the fruit that's beneficial to your health if you use hot or boiling water. 
    • How can I infuse my water faster? Here's a little trick: you can infuse your water the fastest when you use room temperature water! If you're in a rush, infuse the fruit in your water at room temperature for an hour and then switch it to the fridge. If your fruit infused water has been out in room temperature for over 4 or 5 hours, we advise that you don't drink it because it's a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. You might not be able to see it, but it's there! Refrigerating your infused water is a key to keeping it fresh longer.
    • Should I use distilled water? You can if you'd like, but you should definitely use filtered water. If you have an under-the-sink filtration system, that will work just as well. 

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