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  • More FAQs About Fruit Flavored Water

    In our last blog, we began to answer some commonly asked questions about fruit flavored water and water infused with fruit. As you can likely infer, fruit flavored water is easy to make in your own home. The Define Bottle makes it even easier to infuse your water with fresh fruit. Today we're back to answer a few more commonly asked questions so that you can simply enjoy your fruit infused water and its benefits.

    • How many times can I reuse my fruit for my fruit flavored water? It's important to know that each time you use the fruit to infuse your water, it will lose some flavor. The key is to refill your water container when you've drank half of it. This way, you'll be able to mix the already-infused, flavored water with new water.
    • My fruit infused water tastes bitter! What happened? This is very likely due to the citrus fruit rinds. If you want to avoid this bitter flavor, then you only have to remove the rinds from the fruits before you infuse your water! For example, your water is going to be too bitter to sip if you infuse with lemon slices with rinds for 2 or 3 days.
    • Should I worry about the fruit spoiling in my water? If you keep you water refrigerated, it will keep your fruit fresh. It always pays off to use your own nose and eyeballs, though! If it smells weird or looks strange after a few days, throw it out!

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