Fruit Flavored Water: Outlining Even More Benefits – Define Bottle
  • More Reasons To Drink Fruit Flavored Water

    There are many ways to make fruit flavored water. Our Define Bottles help making fruit infused water easy and portable! Our bottles come in all different colors and sizes to fit your lifestyle. As you already know from our two other previous blog posts, infusing water with fresh fruit boosts your metabolism, helps you maintain a healthy body weight, slows down the aging process, wards off disease and sickness, and much more. Today we're back to look at even more benefits of fruit flavored water.

    • Promote better digestion. Do you constantly feel bloated? Does your stomach hurt? Give citrus infused water a chance! It supports your digestive functions and can even help settle your stomach. Water infused with lemon, ginger, papaya, apples, or oranges can also help digestive issues as they help cleanse your body's systems and offer a cooling effect for your stomach. 
    • Cleanse your body of toxins. Fruit infused and flavored water helps your body cleanse itself and eliminate toxins due to the high antioxidant content in fruit flavored water. Not only will it keep you hydrated, but you'll be able to remove waste from your system. You'll notice that as you drink more fruit infused water, you'll enjoy better health and a stronger immune system. 
    • Fruit infused water also helps satisfy your sweet tooth and sugar cravings without all those extra cravings. If you're dieting or into fitness, it's especially good for you! Fruit flavored water made in your Define Bottle is naturally sweetened by the fruit and only has a few calories.

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