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  • 3 Benefits Of Fruit Flavored Water

    Have you ever tried fruit flavored water? Our Define Bottles make it easier than ever to drink fruit infused water on the go and they come in different colors and sizes to fit your needs! Fruit flavored and infused water is a great healthy and hydrating alternative to soda and sugary drinks. There are thousands of recipes for fruit flavored water that you can make in your own home with some fresh fruit from your local grocer and each one has its own unique benefits!

    Today we're going to take a look at some of the specific and wonderful benefits of drinking fruit infused water.
    • Add nutrients to your diet easily. When you drink fruit flavored water, especially using our Define Bottles, the nutrients are able to leak out of the fruit and flow into your water. Fruit infused water is packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients from the fruits. This is a much healthier option when compared to sodas and sugary drinks - not to mention plain water!
    • It will help you fight off diseases. Depending on what fruit you use to flavor your water, it may help to decrease your risk of obesity, diabetes, flu, colds, and heart disease. Fruit is naturally made up of components which help keep your body pH balanced and this also decreases your risk of getting cancer. 
    • Fruit infused water helps slow aging, too. The powerful antioxidants in fruit will fight free radical damage and slow aging, while also promoting the production of collagen. You can start drinking water that's flavored with fresh fruit and start feeling younger within weeks!

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