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  • More Hydration Do's And Don'ts

    Fitness water? Gatorade? Fruit flavored water? Energy drinks? With all of our options for staying hydrated these days, it's hard to know what you should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to your fluid intake. Today we're back with the second part of our Hydration Do's and Don'ts series with more things you should and shouldn't be drinking to stay hydrated.

    • Do think about buying "recovery drinks" for your muscles. Recovery drinks are great for those who are very active because they offer a heavier mix of glycogen and carbohydrate replenishment, as well as having more anti-oxidants to aid in reducing muscle stress and offering protein to help your muscles recover faster. Even if you're just a weekend warrior who goes for a strenuous hike one day and is sore the next, you'll benefit from drinking a recovery drink within the first 30 minutes after your hike because it helps reduce stress on your muscles. 
    • Always a "do:" Drink plenty of water. If your exercising isn't as intense, water will always do just fine - even if it's just tap water because it's all the same when it comes to water loss and exercise. Flavorings in your water, like fruit flavored water, will help you drink more and stay better hydrated. Water by itself can stop people from drinking enough and meeting their fluid requirements because it has no taste, but our Define Water Bottle helps you infuse your water with fruit flavor so that your water tastes great.

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