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  • 3 More Reasons To Stay Hydrated

    In our last blog, we began talking about some of the most important reasons to make sure you're drinking enough water. As we've discussed, water helps you keep your body fluids balanced, control calories, and energize your muscles. Whether you're getting your water from fruit flavored water or water-rich foods, it's important you get it. Today we're back to take a look at three more reasons why you need to make sure your body is getting enough water.

    • Your skin will look better. When you're dehydrated, your skin looks wrinkled and overall more dry. You can improve this by drinking more water and making sure you're properly hydrated. You can also help the way your skin looks by using a moisturizer to help lock in moisture. Moisturizers keep moisture in by creating physical barriers. 
    • Help your kidneys function properly. While your kidneys do a great job on their own of cleansing your body of toxins, they're only able to do their job if your fluid intake is adequate. Blood urea nitrogen is one of the main toxins in your body, but when it passes through your kidneys, it's excreted out of your body through your urine. As long as you're getting enough water, your urine will flow freely. 
    • Maintain normal bowel functions. When you're adequately hydrated, your body is able to keep things flowing the way they're supposed to along the gastrointestinal tract while preventing constipation. Constipation directly results from your colon pulling water from stool to stay hydrated, so it's important that you get enough fluids!

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