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  • Flavored Water For A Better Workout

    Everyone knows that working out is an excellent way to stay healthy. However, getting in enough exercise every week can sometimes be a challenge. Trying to find time to get the gym between work, running errands, and the seemingly endless job of taxing your children from one after school activity to another often means heading to the gym before the sun is even up. This often leads to people attempting to jump start their day with coffee, or even worse, a sugary energy drink. Unfortunately, both of these options are actually very bad decisions, especially if you are heading to your morning workout. Coffee, while it has a significant quantity of caffeine, will quickly dehydrate you. On the other hand, energy drinks contain so much excess calories and processed sugar that you will have to head back to the gym after your workout just to burn the calories. The best choice for working out, then, is clearly fruit flavored water.

    With a Define Bottle, you can easily take fruit flavored water on the go with you anywhere, and that definitely should include the gym! Instead of burdening your body with more calories to burn or sapping your strength by being dehydrated from soft drinks, simply add your favorite fruits to a Define Bottle and start enjoying fruit infused water. Not only will you have a delicious tasting beverage, you will be helping your workout be more productive. As we previously discussed in another blog, drinking fruit flavored water can also help you lose weight and stay in shape. Order a Define Bottle today, and start having better workouts powered by fruit flavored water!

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