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  • Prep for the morning with fruit flavored water

    The struggle to leave the house on time every morning affects every household. Whether you are a single adult striving to make it through another day at work or your morning routine involves getting a home filled with children out of bed and onto the school bus in time, properly preparing for a busy morning will make everything go more smoothly. One way to be ready and make your mornings less hectic is a couple minutes of preparation the night before. If you add a task or two to your bedtime routine, you’ll save tons of time and limit your stress in the morning.

    As your evening winds down, consider one final trip to the kitchen before retiring for the night. In just a couple of minutes, you could quickly prepare fruit infused water to start your day off with a refreshing fruit flavored water beverage. Grab a couple pieces of your favorite fruit, give them a quick slice, drop them into your Define Bottle, top the bottle off with water, and place your water infused with fruit in the fridge. By the next morning, your water with fruit in it will have infused into a delicious morning starter!

    Although it will barely take any time at all the night before, flavoring water with fruit the night before has tons of benefits the next day. Not only does water infused with fruit taste great in the morning, it also helps you skip the sugary drinks and avoid extra calories. Additionally, it is one less task to accomplish in the morning, so you’ll have extra time to enjoy fruit flavored water to start your day!

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