Shipping update #2 – Define Bottle
  • Shipping update #2

    Dear Define Bottle Fan-

    HI, it’s Carter, the 15 year old entrepreneur and founder of the Define Bottle. I can’t thank all of you enough for making this dream of mine come true and helping support my mission to promote healthier hydration.

    We never imagined that the demand would be so big after Shark Tank so we have hit a few small bumps…bottom line is that we want you to be happy.

    1) The Lite bottles are back ordered. We expect them around April 21st.

    2) We have a shortage of the twist tops

    - These will also be a 3-4 week delay so if you could hang in that would be great
    - If you are able to hang in and wait we will include the recipe book for free
    - Another option is you could switch it out for a flip top
    Flip Top bottles are shipping now (3000 more arriving Friday) and another 8500 are on their way.

    Please forgive us. We are doing our best to catch up.

    Please email us at to make your request if your product has not yet shipped. Thanks!

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