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  • Vegetables/Herbs to Add to Your Fruit Infuser

    When you think of water bottles like the Define Bottle that make infusions, you may jump to the conclusion that fruit is your only option. Why not add some veggies or herbs to the mix to add a little more interesting flavor? Here are some vegetables and herbs we recommend adding to the mix to keep you energized and happy all day long:


    Of all the vegetables to choose from, this one may be the most popular to add to your infused water. When combined with a fruit like watermelon or lemon, the cucumber can add a crisp, clean taste to keep you feeling fresh. It’s a subtle flavor, so you don’t have to worry about it overpowering your fruit. Make sure to cut thin slices! You’ll get just as much flavor, and you can save the rest of the cucumber for your next water infusion creation.


    Mint is the perfect herb to add a refreshing kick to your water infusion. Imagine you’re making your own alcohol-free, healthy mojito! This won’t just freshen your breath; it will also assist your body in digestion and help sooth your stomach if it is feeling uneasy. Mint can also help with headache relief and even depression and fatigue. Sounds like a ton of wonderful reasons to add it to your infusion!


    You hear about ginger tea all the time, so why not add it to your water? This wonderful root can help provide nausea relief for anyone who might be pregnant or going through chemotherapy. It can also help any swelling or pain you may be experiencing. Mix your ginger slices with lemon to get the refreshing taste of an iced tea!

    Order a Define Bottle today and get on your path to wellness. If you would like recipe ideas for your fruit infused water, order our Water Works recipe book today.

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