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  • Cucumber Lemon Cilantro Water

    Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to come up with some refreshing drinks! We at Define Bottle know how much you love classic infusions like lemon water, but wouldn’t it be fun to shake things up a bit? Check out this recipe for a cucumber lemon cilantro infused water blend:

    Recipe :

    • Three slices of lemon, one-quarter of an inch thick
    • 1 sprig of cilantro with the stem
    • 2 slices of cucumber, one-quarter of an inch thick

    Simple, right? Just add these to the second chamber in your Define Bottle for a refreshing beverage to take all the way from the gym to your workdesk. Of course, if you prefer your water to have a stronger cucumber flavor than lemon, feel free to add more cucumber and take away lemon slices as desired.

    This recipe is so good for you because of the nutrients that come with lemons and cucumbers!

    Lemons: Lemons contain vitamin C and can help your body with digestion and detoxification. It can also keep your skin looking fresh and it promotes collagen production.

    Cucumbers: Cucumbers contain fisetin which can aid in brain health! They also contain several antioxidants including quercetin, which is known as a natural antihistamine--meaning cucumbers can help you fight allergies.

    If you are ready to shake up your lifestyle and make the switch from harmful sodas to refreshing water, be sure to shop Define Bottle’s extensive selection today! No matter what your lifestyle, we guarantee we have a water bottle to fit your life and your hobbies.

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