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  • Bring Your Define Bottle To Your Memorial Day Picnic

    Memorial Day, which was established shortly after the end of the Civil War to honor fallen soldiers and originally known as Decoration Day, is an important federal holiday in the United States. While Memorial Day is primarily a day of remembrance, the holiday is also an important time for families to gather together. With most working Americans afforded a three day weekend, Memorial Day is currently a popular time for family reunions, including barbeques and picnics. At Define Bottle, we want to make sure you have an excellent holiday that honors the American soldiers who have protected our country as well as a successful family picnic. Check out these tips we have for celebrating Memorial Day this year.

    Pack A Large Blanket. Whether you are celebrating Memorial Day in the local park, at the beach, or at the pool, a large blanket gives you and your family a place to sit and stash belongings. This is especially helpful for community events where seating space is limited.

    Bring Food To Share. A holiday picnic without food isn’t a holiday picnic at all. Potlucks and barbeques are popular events for Memorial Day, so break out your best recipes and bring enough to share. Not only will you get to show off your finest dishes, there’s a good chance you’ll be digging into deliciousness from others as well.

    Stock Your Cooler. The Memorial Day holiday is observed on the last Monday in the month of May which means summer is right around the corner. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout your family’s Memorial Day celebration by stocking your cooler with plenty of beverages. And don’t forget to fill your Define Bottle for a refreshing fruit flavored beverage.

    From all of us here at Define Bottle, we hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend with your family and community.

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