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  • Perfect For Summer Camps

    With summer in full swing, kids across the United States are heading off to camp. Summer camp is certainly an amazing opportunity for children to make new friends, learn new skills, and expand their interests into new hobbies. However, summer camp is also a time many children leave their parents behind for an extended period for the first time, and this can be difficult for them for many reasons. Not only do they no longer have their parents watchful gaze helping them succeed, they also are forced to make choices in front of their peers. While many children are familiar with making beverage choices in the cafeteria at lunch, most schools no longer allow sugary soft drinks. Summer camps, though, are not always held to the same standards as schools, and this means sugary drinks are likely to be abundant.

    Infused Water Bottles For Camp

    One way to help your child make better choices during their summer camp adventure is to send them off with a Define Bottle. Not only will the infused water bottles provide them with a delicious beverage alternative to soft drinks, it will also stand as a reminder of you during their time at camp. Define bottles are also incredibly easy to use and clean, even for a child. In fact, the entire concept of the Define Bottle was created by 14 year-old Carter Kostler which means every teenager is capable of using and cleaning a Define water bottle. Order your child a Define Bottle today just in time for summer camp!

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