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  • Apple Juice Without The Extra Sugars

    If you are a parent, there is nothing you desire more than your child having the best life possible. In fact, your child’s happiness probably comes way before your own. However, many parents are unaware that so many products marketed towards children are filled with unhealthy added sugars, especially things that might seem healthy at a first glance. One such product are fruit juices. While there are certainly a number of companies who make their juice blends from actual juice, the majority add sweeteners and extra sugar to make their products more appealing to our children. Instead of buying your children these sugary drinks, why not start flavoring water with a Define Bottle?

    Flavor Water With Fruit

    Apple juice is a favorite choice for many children because the fruit is naturally very sweet. However, because we know now that excess sugar can lead to childhood obesity, a much healthier alternative is to make fruit flavored water. Red Delicious apples are quite sweet naturally, and slicing up some of these apples is a great way to flavor water. Another great apple to use to make fruit flavored water is the  Gala apple which is native to New Zealand. However, because these apples have to travel great distances, they will not always taste as sweet as the Red Delicious.

    Infused Fruit Water Bottles

    The Define Bottle is a perfect accessory for any parent. In addition to being able to make fruit flavored water that your kids will love, they will also save you money over time. Instead of purchasing bottle after bottle of sugary fruit juices, you can buy fresh fruit at a fraction of the cost. Order a Define Bottle today and give your children a drink that’s as healthy as it is delicious!

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