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  • Do Your Part To End Bottled Water

    Water is the most precious resource we have on planet Earth because it is the basis for life, yet the amount of clean drinking water available is quickly diminishing due to pollution and the evolving climate that is leaving some places, like California, suffering from seemingly unending droughts. However, even if you do not live in a place that is experiencing a drought, you could be contributing to the difficulties the local residents are encountering if you drink bottled water.

    Water Bottles Over Bottled Water

    While the water use of Californians has been under restrictions ordered by the governor, major companies such as Nestle are still bottling water in the state. However, California is not the only place in the world facing this problem. In fact, just about any place that has a bottled water plant is shipping their water bottles elsewhere, removing a valuable resource from their local residents. Although this may not seem like a giant problem in the United States, it is extremely disconcerting to see this practice happen in countries with limited resources and limited access to clean water.

    Define Water Bottles Can Save Money and the Environment

    Packaged bottle water is simply a bad idea all around. Not only does it create an immense amount of trash, it also removes clean water from areas that need it. While the fruit infused water bottles Carter envisioned at age 14 were intended to combat obesity, Define Bottles can also help save the planet. Instead of purchasing bottled water, simply fill up a Define Bottle with water from your faucet. Not only will it preserve natural resources in areas that desperately need them, ordering a Define Bottle is more affordable than buying case after case of expensive bottled water.

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