Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser: Take Your Define Bottle On Your Lunch Break
  • Take Your Define Bottle On Your Lunch Break

    For many people working stressful office jobs, there is nothing as great as leaving the office for lunch. The simple act of walking out the doors can help the weight of the world melt away, even if just for a little bit. And while many people treasure their hour outside of the office, more often than not, leaving the office means either dining out at a restaurant or a packed lunch on the go. In both of these common scenarios, lunch is accompanied by a soft drink. Whether it is the fountain drink at your favorite sandwich shop with endless refills or the bottle of soda you placed in your lunch box, neither of these drinks are healthy choices because they are packed with sweeteners and added sugars.

    Bring Your Water Bottle With Fruit To Lunch

    From dropping by the closest park for a peaceful lunch to stopping in your local diner, take your Define Water bottle with you to lunch no matter where you go. Not only will you avoid excessively sweet beverages, you will also save money on purchasing them. In fact, most restaurants will even refill your water for free. If you freshly sliced your fruit mixture before heading to work in the morning, there’s a good chance there’s plenty of flavor left in your water bottle with fruit infuser to get you through the afternoon, too. The Define Bottle was designed for life on the go, and if you’re already bringing your water bottle with fruit infuser to work then bringing it to lunch should be no problem. Order a Define Bottle today and make your lunch break even better.

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