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  • Replacing Sugary Beverages with Flavored Water Alternatives

    One difficulty many people have with giving up their favorite sodas and other sugar-filled beverages is that they miss the flavors of their chosen beverage. However, with the Define Bottle, it is actually very simple to replicate the taste of your favorite drink without all of the calories and unnecessary sweeteners. And when you consider the primary flavors in many of the most popular soft drinks in the United States, they are fruit based which means you can create your own version of fruit flavored water using your Define Bottle.

    Flavoring Water Is Easy With Define Bottle

    Cherry & Lime are the primary ingredients in one of the flagship sodas available from Sonic Drive-In, and replicating the the taste of this drink by flavoring water is incredibly simple. While you may have to adjust the recipe for your own tastebuds depending on how strong of a taste you want, the basis is simply combining slices of each fruit. Start with a handful of cherries and a large lime wedge and modify the recipe by adding more or less of each ingredient until you find the right mix of flavors. Also, the longer you leave your water infused with fruit in your Define Bottle, the stronger the flavor will be. If you’re looking for a more delicate flavor, slice the fruits fresh each time. If you are looking for rich flavors, slice your fruits at night and let your fruit infused Define Bottle sit in the refrigerator overnight.

    With the Define Bottle, you can make an endless amount of flavor combinations that can help you say goodbye to sugary sodas forever. Not only will you be greatly reducing your sugar intake, you will have a healthier alternative for your cravings. Order a Define Bottle today and start drinking fruit flavored water instead of soda!

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