Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser: Define Bottle Is Your New Best Friend At Work
  • Define Bottle Is Your New Best Friend At Work

    Modern workplaces are filled with great amenities that can help you focus on your health. From ergonomic work stations and standing desks to workplace gyms and fitness classes, these days heading into the office is a lot healthier than in the past when most office workers sat in a desk inhaling secondhand smoke all day. However, one area many people have yet to consistently change for the healthier is their work day beverage.

    In the morning there’s office coffee and creamer from the fridge in the break room. At lunch there’s the soda that comes with the value meal and free refills before heading back. In the afternoon it’s an energy drink from the bag. After work it’s the post workout sports drink. All day long, the workplace provides plenty of opportunities to make healthier beverage choices, and that’s where the Define Bottle can be your new best friend at work as replacing just two of those sugar-filled beverages with fruit-infused water would cut your workday sugar intake in half.

    With the Define water bottle with fruit infuser, you can have a great tasting, flavor filled beverage with you all day long. Not only will you be drinking something delicious, it will also greatly reduce your sugar intake which will also help you avoid the afternoon sugar crash. The Define water bottle is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to bring on the go. It is the perfect workday companion. If you’re looking to improve your workday while cutting back on sugary beverages, order a Define bottle today!

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