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  • 3 Surprising Hydration Facts And How Fruit-Flavored Water Can Help

    When's the last time you drank a full glass of water? Think about it for a second, we’ll wait.

    If the answer is earlier today, yesterday, or even worse, "I don’t know," it’s likely that you're suffering from dehydration right now.

    As makers of high-quality reusable bottles designed to encourage the consumption of vegetable and fruit-flavored water, Define Bottle is dedicated to making sure people all over the world stay hydrated and achieve better health.

    You might be thinking, “But I drink lots of juice, tea, coffee, soda, and other things that quench my thirst. Isn’t that just as good as water?” The answer is a resounding NO! While your body can squeeze a little bit of water out of some of these beverages, they often contain sugars and other ingredients that dehydrate and harm you in other ways.

    Find that surprising? Here are some more hydration facts that you might find shocking, as well as some straight talk about how fruit flavored water can help.

    1. Only One in Four Americans Are Properly Hydrated

    A 1998 study [PDF] of over 3,000 Americans found that found that around 75 percent of participants had a net fluid loss, meaning that they were expending more water than they were consuming. Net fluid loss is a recipe for chronic dehydration, which can lead to a whole host of other health issues.

    2. Dehydration Makes You A Less Productive Worker

    Whether you’re chronically dehydrated or just forgot to bring your water bottle one day, it’s important to know that dehydration makes you less productive at your job, whatever that may be. Studies conducted in 2011 and 2012 [PDF] found that lack of hydration is linked to chronic fatigue, even in young people. These results held up regardless of the participants’ level of physical activity throughout the day.

    3. Chronic Dehydration Puts You At Risk For Kidney Stones

    Another surprising risk of not drinking enough water is that it may put you at increased risk for kidney stones, a very painful condition. In a 1990 study of around 700 patients diagnosed with kidney stones, scientists determined that nearly 20 percent of the cases were linked to dehydration. Want to stay away from all the negative effects mentioned on this list? Grab a Define Bottle and start drinking great-tasting fruit-flavored water today!

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