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  • Giving Your Little Ones Fresh Fruit Water Is Healthier Than Juice

    As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, soft drinks like soda, lemonade, iced tea, and Kool-Aid, are the opposite of refreshing because of how much sugar they contain. That’s why Define is so persistent about suggesting fresh fruit water as an alternative.

    We've also looked at the detrimental effect that consuming these sugary beverages can have on the health of both children and adults, especially concerning their teeth and weight.

    You Stopped Buying Soda, But Is It Enough?


    In light of these troubling side effects, many parents have stopped buying soda and other soft drinks for their children, opting to give them juice instead. This is a step in the right direction, BUT it doesn’t go far enough.

    A 2016 study out of the University of Liverpool found that out of 200 “fruit juice drinks, 100% natural juices, and smoothies marketed specifically to children” nearly half “contained at least a child's entire daily recommended maximum sugar intake of 19g or five teaspoons.”

    Juice Isn't The Healthy Beverage Many Parents Assume

    Most parents are shocked to learn that, at least when it comes to sugar content, juice is just as bad as the sodas and flavored drinks they’re avoiding.

    Yes, even though they’re made from fruit.

    A better alternative is to make your own “juice” that’s actually fresh fruit water. We have tons of recipes on our blog about how to use fruit combinations, as well as vegetables and herbs, so that you can encourage your kids to be healthier and better hydrated while still providing them with a delicious beverage they’ll love!

    Get away from sugary soft drinks and juice that contain as much sugar as soda. Shop our Define Bottles to make it easy to increase the health of your entire family.

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