The Define Bottle: Take it With You for Your Workout
  • 4 Reasons The Define Bottle is Perfect for the Gym

    When you head to the gym, do you find yourself reaching for a disposable water bottle out of the fridge? Or perhaps you simply choose to use the water fountain at the gym because you forgot your water bottle in the fridge and need a drink during your workout? The Define bottle is perfect to switch out with disposable water bottles. Stop wasting money and start bringing the Define bottle to the gym for a great workout experience. These four reasons are why you have no more excuses for not bringing the perfect workout water bottle with you.

    Extra Durable

    Who doesn’t love a great glass water bottle with fruit infuser? In fact, that’s the most common option for fruit infused water. However, they aren’t always conducive to the gym or workout environment. The Define bottle is made of durable, BPA-free plastics that are perfect for life on the go.


    Extra Hydration

    When you grab your Define bottle and don’t just leave it in the fridge, you’re making a commitment to keeping yourself hydrated. Studies have shown that fruit infused water encourages increased hydration throughout the day which extends into your workouts as well.

    Extra Refreshing

    In a previous post, we discussed the reasons why soda never leaves you feeling refreshed quite the same way that water can. You’re Define bottle will make sure you have access to healthy choices with tasty, refreshing fruit infused water when you need it most.

    Extra Eco-Friendly

    Using disposable water bottles on a regular basis will not only put a drain on your wallet but also puts a strain on the environment. Opting for a reusable water bottle with fruit infuser will provide you with a refreshing, healthy beverage while being kind on the environment.

    With these four reasons alone, you do not have an excuse for why you shouldn’t have a Define bottle at your next workout.

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