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  • 3 Creative Ways for Adults to Use the Define Bottle

    We spend a lot of time discussing the benefits of opting for fruit infused water with the Define water bottle, and for good reason. With the rise in obesity rates, it is important to opt for healthier options like fruit infused water over soda. Additionally, hydration is crucial in overall health and energy levels. However, this does not mean that you can’t indulge in some fun and creative ideas with your Define water bottle every now and again. Here are some fun ideas that Define bottle owners have shared with us!


    Citrus and Beer

    Your favorite brew can benefit from some fruit infusion love. Many different microbrews can be complemented with the addition of a variety of citrus fruit. Infusing beer with orange slices, lemons, or limes in the Define bottle can bring about a whole new level of flavor for a summer evening on the porch.


    Infused Liquor

    Along with beer, infusing a variety of liquors with the Define water bottle is also an option. Maybe try some tequila with berries or vodka with orange slices will become your favorite tasty treat. Liquor takes a little longer to diffuse to have a strong, yet fresh flavor than water but the results are worth the time.


    Tea Infuser

    For those not interested in alcoholic beverages, the Define water bottle can act as a fabulous tea infuser! Whether it’s black teas, green, or herbal, tossing in some loose-leaf tea into the Define water bottle with complimentary fruit or herb flavors will provide a refreshing and stimulating beverage choice all summer long.

    Enjoy some of these Define water bottle owner shared ideas this summer and share your bottle in action with us on Instagram with #definebottle.

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