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  • Creative Summer Ideas for Your Define Water Bottle

    With summer just around the corner, it’s time to be thinking about how to stay hydrated with cool, refreshing beverages. The abundance of fresh produce can be an inspiring when it comes to cooking, but why not let it inspire your fruit infuser water bottle choices as well?

    Summer is a great time to get creative and show off the wide variety of uses that a Define bottle can provide.


    Berry Ice Cubes

    If you like your water extra cold, you can always grab some ice cubes from the freezer and just run with it. However, consider this fun take on your ice cubes for your fruit infuser water bottle. With all the fresh berries, mix them with water and freeze them as ice cubes. As the ice cubes melt in your Define bottle, you will have a longer release time on the fruit and nice chilly, refreshing water.


    Fresh Herbs

    As you plant your herb garden this year consider picking herbs that would make using your Define bottle incredibly easy. A whole pot of mint is a great starting point for those days where you’re running short on time. Just grab some fresh mint off the plant to throw into your Define bottle, fill it with water, and go! Also, consider planting any type of basil, fennel, chamomile, or rosemary for that little extra flavor to carry you through the day.


    Edible Flowers

    If you’re looking for something completely different that looks amazing, pick up some edible flowers to use in your fruit infuser water bottle. Mix in the edible flowers with some herbs or fruit to impress anyone who sees your Define bottle. Try Pansies, Calendula, Snapdragons, or Orchids.

    There is no reason not to try these fun summer additives with your Define bottle; get yours now!

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