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  • 4 Kid Friendly Fruit Combinations for the Define Bottle

    It’s not always easy to get kids to make healthy choices when it comes to what they eat and drink. During the summer, it’s even more important to make sure kids are getting proper hydration without reaching for that can of soda pop in the fridge. Preparing water infused with fruit provides kids with healthy and delicious options to grab when they’re thirsty. But not every kid is going to want their infused water to have tomatoes, cucumbers, or even grapefruit. That’s why we have these kid friendly options for you to try out on your little one.

    Strawberry and Lemon

    What little kid can pass up on strawberry lemonade? This healthy take on this classic drink provides kids the flavor they love without all the sugar and additives. Or, instead of using lemon consider using oranges. For a stronger flavor, muddle or crush the fruit when you place it in the Define bottle for water infused with amazing fruit flavor.


    Apple and Cinnamon

    This simple combination can be created with your child’s favorite type of apple. Slice it up and toss it in the Define bottle with a cinnamon stick for a superbly refreshing water infused with fruit.

    Peach and Watermelon

    If you child cannot get enough watermelon during the summer try tossing it into their Define bottle. Light and refreshing watermelon paired with decadent slices of peach will have your child running back to you begging for more.

    Berries Galore

    This is a combination any kid can help create and preparing water infused with fruit is half the fun. Offer kids a variety of washed berries and let them fill up their Define bottle with the proportions of raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries that they want for the day.

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