Ways to Flavor Water: Design Your Garden for Your Define Bottle
  • Plant Your Garden with Your Define Bottle in Mind

    With so many ways to flavor water and all the beautiful, fresh produce hitting the shelves this spring, you can’t help but be inspired. Why spend all the money at the store when you can put the work into your backyard garden and reap the rewards?

    Planting your garden with your Define bottle in mind is one way to enjoy the benefits and creativity of flavored water throughout the gardening season. Try these approaches to planning your garden for ways to flavor water in your Define bottle in mind while you plant.


    The Herb Garden

    Planting an extensive herb garden chocked full of basil, rosemary, and mint is perfect for providing ways to flavor water. Whether you use the herbs in conjunction with other fruits and veggies or by themselves, you can’t go wrong. If the plants are potted and brought inside during the winter, several different varietals can last all year long. However, make sure that you pot mint by itself because it will take over other plants very easily.


    Vegetables Galore

    In previous posts, we provide a variety of ways that vegetables can be used to flavor water and provide savory results. Planting options like bell peppers, cucumber, and tomatoes will provide scrumptious options in the late summer, into the fall for ways to flavor water in your Define bottle.

    Fruit Every Year

    We love fruit with the Define bottle! Planning your garden to have fruit throughout multiple seasons will provide you with many ways to flavor your water. Planting strawberries, raspberry bushes, watermelon, and cantaloupe will make sure you have fruit options from spring all the way until the first frosts. The best part is that strawberries and raspberries will come back year after year stronger than before.

    No matter what you plan to plant this year, keep your Define water bottle in mind so you have fresh, delicious water all season long.

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