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  • Concerned About Pesticides? Here are 5 Things to do for Your Infused Water.

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    When using your Define bottle to create fresh fruit water, you may have some concerns about the produce that you place into the water. With all the talk of contaminants and pesticides that find their way onto grocery store produce, it’s no wonder you’re hesitant to infuse your water. Pesticides and other contaminants that find their way onto produce can cause a slew of health problems including disruption of the thyroid and even cancer through long-term consumption.

    When you are able to prevent these issues, shouldn’t you?

    Because drinking fresh fruit water from your Define bottle is fun and healthy, there are several ways in which to prevent toxicity exposure from pesticides when you enjoy fruit infused water. Take a look at the variety of ways in which we believe you can best enjoy your fresh fruit water, while keeping your health at the forefront of your mind.

    Buy Organic

    When you purchase organic produce that is examined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and certified organic, you are choosing foods that are guaranteed to be free of genetic modification, chemical pesticides, and other additives. The USDA has an extensive list of rules and regulations that pertain to gaining the USDA organic seal of approval. With some foods, 30 percent can be non-organic ingredients but this is not the case with fresh produce; to be certified organic, produce must be pesticide free. Just give your organic produce a good rinse to clear off any remaining dirt and they’ll be perfect for fresh fruit water.


    Use Produce with Rinds

    Choosing produce that has rinds or other thick outer layers that can be removed before use is another option for the Define bottle and fresh fruit water. Citrus, watermelon, and mango are some examples of fruits that would be excellent options for fresh fruit water. Though many recipes will advise you to slice these products and leave the rind on, if you are concerned about residues and pesticides, consider removing the rind prior to use. This guarantees that none of the residues and pesticides end up in your water.

    Wash Your Produce

    This should go without saying, but it’s important to wash any produce before consuming it as well as before placing in your Define water bottle.  Along with rinsing your produce, there are a variety of products on the market that will allow you to thoroughly clean them without leaving any toxic residue for you to consume.

    Use Filtered Water

    In some places across the country, the tap water is excellent; in others, not so much. Instead of guessing about what’s in your water, use filtered water when making your fresh fruit water in you Define bottle. This will help make sure you’re getting only the best possible ingredients in your healthy drink.


    Buy Local

    Much like buying organic, buying local can really help with the reduction of pesticides or contaminants on your produce. Shopping at farms where you can ask the grower about their farming processes and know where your food was grown can help in keeping your fresh fruit water free and clear.

    There are many options to ensure that what you add to your Define water bottle is fresh, clean, and pesticide or residue free!

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