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  • Why Energy Drinks Are Bad For Your Heart And Water With Fruit In It Is Better

    Energy drinks are in every grocery store, convenience store, and almost every vending machine that you might come across in a public setting. People who are looking for an energy boost but don’t particularly enjoy the taste of coffee are often drawn to these sweet, caffeine-filled alternatives. What most people don’t realize is that energy drinks have a negative effect on your health, and can even be dangerous if you’re someone who suffers from cardiovascular issues.

    Keep reading to find out what risks have been correlated with energy drinks, and why water with fruit in it is a much better alternative.

    What Are Energy Drinks?

    Energy drinks are beverages marketed to adults (though consumed by many teens and even children) that claim to provide you with an energy boost without drinking coffee. In reality, this “energy boost” is typically an artificial effect created by massive amounts of caffeine and sweeteners. Not all energy drinks are created equal, however, and some do utilize vitamins and herbal supplements to achieve their desired effect.

    What Effect Do Energy Drinks Have On Your Heart?

    As mentioned above, most energy drinks employ a huge dose of caffeine and sugar in order to make people feel “energized.” While those marketed as energy drinks have to disclose the amount of caffeine used on their labels, those marketed as health supplements are not. This means some contain close to or far above the amount of caffeine deemed safe for adult human consumption.

    (Keep in mind that in 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that “All children should avoid caffeine because of its potential health and developmental effects and addictive nature, and children and adolescents should never consume energy drinks.”)

    When consumed in these massive quantities, many health experts fear that energy drinks can trigger heart palpitations, along with elevated heart rate and blood pressure. For adults who already have cardiovascular issues, these side-effects quickly become life-threatening.

    Why Is Water With Fruit In It A Better Alternative?

    Instead of reaching for an energy drink packed full of sugar that causes weight gain and caffeine that puts your heart at risk, reach for water with fruit in it! The small amount of natural sugar in fruit will lift your spirits, while the water hydrates your energy levels back up where they need to be.

    Shop our full selection of infuser water bottles today and start drinking water with fruit in it tomorrow!

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